I have images that I want to sharpen/tidy. Scanned of: maps, line drawings,
logos, ... I want to prepare them for going into web pages.
These are different from the images that the tutorials cover, they are:

* several colours only needed. Small variations in colour should be eliminated
  as they aren't wanted and only serve to make the image file bigger.
* edges need to be sharpened, little bits of detail ironed out since they are
  prob an aretfact of scanning. If several lines meet then they will probably
  continue in a straight, or constant curve, for some distance.

I have done this sort of thing by hand, zapping unwanted pixels, flood filling
areas (and using the same colour in other no-connected areas).

Is there an easier way of doing this ?

I only use the Gimp occasionally and must admit that I find it 
wandering around the menus trying to work out what things like the Gaussian 
Blur filter
are. It would be nice if there was a tooltip or 10 line help that I could get 
on these.
Guessing and trying them on my image is very time consuming.

Alain Williams
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