I have an application that allows me to create lenticular ("3D") images.  There's a couple methods...one is to take multiple (like 10 to 15)  images and load them into the program. It then stitches them into an image that lends the perception of depth when viewed through the lenticular lens that it's printed on.
Another method is to convert a 2D image into a "3D" and this requires me tro create a "Depth Mask" or "Grey Mask"...both terms are new to me.
The Help File tells how to do this in PhotoShop in three steps:
1) Load an image
2) Split the Red, Green and Blue Channels
3) Save the Green channel as a grey mask. Use Auto Contrast.
This mask is then manipulated along with the original image to add stereoscopic depth.
Can someone help me to accomplish the depth or grey mask creation using GIMP rather than PShop?
Thanks -
Jerry in Downeast Maine

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