Sven Neumann wrote:

On Sun, 2006-10-15 at 00:05 -0700, Tom Williams wrote:
I see that Gimp 2.3.12 has just been released and I was wondering what are the chances of getting the EXIF browser plugin incorporated as a plugin that's part of the Gimp distribution?

The plan was to finish the metadata plug-in for 2.4. Not sure if Raphael
will get around it in time. Perhaps you might want to help him to bring
the plug-in to a state where it does at least provide enough
functionality to obsolete the exifbrowser plug-in?
Ah, I wasn't aware of the metadata plug-in. The EXIF browser plug-in isn't crucial (obviously) but would have been nice. I'll see if I can help out with the metadata plug-in. :)


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