On 10/14/06, Chris Mohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,

I recently attempted to open a PSD file with GIMP and several other
gui programs with no luck.  Then I converted it to PNG with
ImageMagick, which produced two files (haven't opened it in PS yet - I
assume the two files correspond to layers).

My question - is there a IM import/convert plugin for GIMP?  Initial
googling suggests not...

Seems like it would be useful as a last-ditch tool to open a "stubborn" image.


well my GIMP opens the psd files fairly well (i'm using developpement
version 3.9.11 but it worked also on 3.9.9). The problem is that PS
supports more layer types (such as modifier or curve layers) and those
are replaced by blank layers in GIMP.

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