Hi.  I still use a film 35 mm SLR to take most of my "real" pictures,
and then scan them into my computer using Xsane and edit them use Gimp.

I would like to start archiving these images in a format that adheres to
the following requirements:

* Fidelity - The higher the better.  I would like the images to be of a
high enough quality where they could be easily used to create a clear 8
x 10.  I realize that other factors affect the clearness of a large
image (such as film speed and such).  File size isn't a factor.

* Compatibility - I would like the freedom of being able to send my
images to multiple developing companies and have them all be able to use
the image.  What's a good standard format that most "real" developing
companies accept?

* Bitrot - I would like to use a format that will probably be around for
a while.  I know that no format is completely future-proof, but I don't
want to convert these images more than once every couple of decades if

Thanks in advance for any help!

Tom Purl

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