Simon Davis wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience / anecdotal evidence of using the GIMP
> in prisons or situations where security was of paramount importance.

I can imagine that there's a high interest in controlling what exactly
gets into a prison and what gets out. Dr. Mabuse (I forgot in which
movie exactly) did get plans for robberies out of the asylum after all -
in plain sight, disguised as childish drawings due to his mental state.

As for the "in" part, a prison will probably face the same problems as
anyone who's using a computer these days - lots of criminals trying to
remotely install software on your system. Only in this case some of the
users on the inside may actually want it to be installed.

Similar for the "out" part. I don't know if the stereotypical case of
Dr. Mabuse is thinking along the right path here, but I do guess that in
this case the software in general shouldn't allow anyone to have more
rights than he is allowed to.

> Coming accross resistance and would like to be able to point to precedent.

Out of interest, what kind of resistance? A general "oh what is this
magic thing with knobs on it" (which I doubt (and hope) can't happen
anywhere nowadays), or something more elaborated - like "does this
comply to security regulations act ABC123?"

IMO knowing more about this last part is paramount for heling with your


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