That is exactly the type of resistance that I am expecting. Certain bodies will trust Micorsoft / Adobe etc because they never cause problems (ahem!) I think the fear is that the because the source code is open it could be tinkered with to allow a backdoor to do... something.

Would have thought that I'm not the first person to have met this kind of objection and was just wondering if / how others had dealt with it. Would be a shame to capitulate and have to use Adobe stuff.

The work that I am planning to do involves running creative educational projects using the GIMP.



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Draw a picture of a "shiv"?


I can't imagine GIMP being a problem.  That being said, it's linked to
libraries that have occasionally had security issues.  Both closed and
open source rendering libraries have at various times suffered from
buffer overflows.

I tend to see resistance to FOSS solutions with these inane arguments
that force you to prove a negative.  "GIMP (or whatever) could start a
nuclear war, can you prove it won't?".  I say, then lets make that a
testing prerequisite for any app, including the one you want to use.


Simon Davis wrote:

Does anyone have any experience / anecdotal evidence of using the GIMP in prisons or situations where security was of paramount importance. Coming accross resistance and would like to be able to point to precedent.

Thanks a lot,


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