Sven Neumann wrote:
> Not if you use the wrapper script that is suggested by the release notes
> and has already been mentioned here.
Yes, I've posted a little wrapper by myself - you haven't read the whole
thread carefully, have you ?

Honestly: who is reading release notes ? This assumption is simply far from
reality and real world does not work like this. Users/customers expect from
release notes to get informed about changes, new features, etc. ... but not
that they have to fiddle around with additional wrapper scripts to get the
whole thing up and running. What they expect after installing is that the
program is running out of the box. Right ?

The problem is in the Gimp installation procedure itself ...

Why not install an appropriate wrapper automatically after configure && make
&& make install and just tell the user to add the location of the wrapper to
the PATH environment variable ? Or tell him to call it with the full path ?

This is not only a problem of the development version of Gimp, this would
happen with the stable version of Gimp as well when one decides to install
it to a "non-standard" location.

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