On Wednesday 01 November 2006 3:28 am, Tanveer Singh wrote:

> I use GIMP for image manipulation.
> though lots of resources are availalbe for photoshop, gimp
> docs are hard to come by(from a photography point of view).
> Can somebody link me to a good online guide.
> I am looking for things like
> 1. Working with levels and curves, not just how to, but the
> technique too 

has lots of articles detailing advanced photo editing techniques 
with a gimp specific slant.

Old, but free, and still relevant.

> 2. Bulk watermarking, resizing 

This is easier with ImageMagick
I do something similar with that package myself.

> 3. Using RAW under windows
> 4. Psuedo HDR by superimposing 2-3 images

I can't offer much help with the rest of this.
You might try http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/ and

CinePaint is a fork of the Gimp for film editing. UFraw is a Gimp 
plugin for RAW images. I don't know anything about either one, 
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