Chris Wolf wrote:
Chris Wolf wrote:
To create web-ready images which have feathered edges, I would simply use the rectangular selection tool, with feathered edges checked (on), a radius of, say 20, auto shrink selection checked (on) and select from the source image and paste to a new image with a black background.

The result would be an image with edges fading to black and rounded corners. For some reason, this does not work any more -- when I paste to the new black image, the whole source image gets pasted, not just the selected area and there are no rounded corners.

I was using Gimp 2.2.10 on MacOS-10.4.7. I Even tried upgrading to Gimp 2.2.11, with no

I did this a million times before successfully and can't understand why it's not working now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I reverted back to Gimp 2.2.10, since that was the last version that worked for feathered edges. I also shutdown and restarted the machine -- it still does not work. I attached a screen shot of my attempt to paste a rectangular, feathered selection into a blank, new image (the one on
the left, the image on the right is the source image.)

Can anyone see if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks again,



My rectangular selections were too close to the edge of the source photo. That was the issue. Sorry, everyone for taking your time.
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