Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Is there a configuration option to disable gimp from ever turning on
>> 'expand from center' by any automatic or shortcut method, except if the
>> dialog checkbox is clicked?
> There's no such configuration option as the behaviour you outline is of
> course not intentional. You should expect such misbehaviour in a
> development snapshot. If you need to use GIMP for your work, you should
> stick with a stable version.

>> "Using linux gimp-2.3.12, Gentoo Linux ~x86."

I'm accustomed to and very much willing to live with development version
bugs, given the unstable version of the distribution I use ;) 

Thanks for confirming that it is not intentional behavior, that's all I
need to hear. I thought it might be some gesture or keystroke shortcut for
advanced users, and thus might have a configuration option. If I can
reproduce it, I'll look into filing a bug.

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