Thanks for the newsprint and color seperation instructions.
I was certain these were possible but could not find detailed instructions.
I have not tried anything yet but will get on it now an dhave some tests in this hour.

I was very disappointed to get this first response:
I don't think this is possible. JPEG are already cooked, and flattened picture. I don't think you will be able to break it down, and turn it back to xcf (gimp format). I guess you shouldn't have deleted the original file of the image.

then the real answers came flying in.
I said JPG at first but I don't care if I start with a JPG or BMP or GIF.
I figure any image I can scan on the flatbed scanner can be a target to work with. Which brings out the question of WHAT FORMAT would be the best to start in when knoing that the
whole seperation process will be done with an image.
Is there any reason to select any one format over another considering that most shared images do show up as GIF and JPG.?!?!?!

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