I thought I had made this clear that the desired task was to use green muck photo emulsifier that you smear on a silk screen and then lay a black and white image of anything on the muck and shine light on it and the black in the image blocks light while the light getting into the green muck causes it to harden. You then rinse off the remaining muck and you have a perfect transfer of the black and white image into
a T shirt silk screen.
Do that a few time with a few colors and you have pretty T shirts.
So I figured GIMP should be able to make the color seperation and the newsprint shading within good to great results
without having to resort to adding in any missing GIMP features.
SO far I have gotten great advice how to make the color seperated individual images that can be printed onto
overhead transparancy film.

The question of how to color seperate into individual inks seems to be up in the air now and subject to
To use RGB or CYMK or channels.
I have not played with channels yet but did get CYMK individual images.

Thankyou to everyone who has contributed advice.
I am running KNOPPIX debian linux installed to hard disk which came with GIMP but does not have help installed so
even though my help is crippled I got ALL this help from the email list.


Chris Mohler wrote:

 This advice to not use DECOMPOSE and to use a plugin from

 Is the standard GIMP DECOMPOSE implementation so bad that it will not
produce images
  that are worthy of using for screen printing?

"Screen Printing" is too broad a subject.  If you're preparing screens
for 4-color process, I doubt the decompose mode nor the CMYK plugin
will be adequate.  I would let the person actually doing the printing
handle that.  OTOH, if you're going to be making a file for printing
spot colors, I'd skip CMYK/RGB altogether and use channels - 1 per ink

There are tutorials on screen preparation out there - most focus on
photoshop, but you can do most of the same things in GIMP.


PS - maybe you can provide some more detals about what it is you're
trying to do?
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