On Sat, Nov 11, 2006 at 02:00:38AM +0100, xes garcia wrote:
> hi all
> I'm starting with python gimp related stuff
> i want to edit an open image with python console
> I've checked existing scripts and all of them are functions that are 
> first declared and then registered in gimp's plugin repository in order 
> to execute them but I want to edit an open image using the python 
> console in interactive mode
> I can do that if I myself create a new image:
> img = gimp.Image(width, height,RGB)
> disp=gimp.Display(img)
> but I can not edit a previously opened image
> how can I do that, if is possible?

gimp.image_list() will return a list of Image objects for all the images
GIMP knows about.

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