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> I've created an animated gif which I want to perform what I
> think is a reverse loop.  In explanation, I'll use a
> three-layer example.  I want the animation to proceed from
> frame 1 to frame 2 to frame 3, then back to frame 2 to frame 1
> and repeat.  An analogy would be a ball continually rolling
> between two hills.
> I see only the "loop forever" option when saving the gif. 
> I've gotten around that problem by saving as layers frame 1,
> frame 2, frame 3, frame 2, and frame 1.  Savings those frames
> with the loop forever option does what I want but is a larger
> file than I think necessary.
> I've done some research and see the "reverse loop" option with
> gimp-gap.  I compiled gimp-gap and used frames 1-3 only once. 
> I used the "move path" option and tried reverse loop and
> reverse frame loop. However, neither option seems to take.  It
> loops only, no reverse.
> Animated gifs and The Gimp are quite new to me.  Can the
> gimp-gap reverse loop do what I want with just three frames?

What you want in Gimp-GAP is ping-pong, but it will still take 
more than three frames. If you are using animated GIFs you can 
only give each frame timing information. Each frame will be 
shown in sequence for the specified time alloted to that frame. 
After the last frame the sequence will begin again with the 
first frame. There is some optimization of frames in that 
redundant information contained in previous frames is not saved 
in each one if you specify (combine) in the Gimp layer comment. 
Only the information necessary to show the changes between 
frames is saved. The default mode is (replace), which completely 
replaces the content of the previous frame with the content of 
the frame that follows it. It sounds like this is what you would 
want for your animation. But you won't get the effect you are 
after with only three frames. The logic used for displaying gif 
animations does not allow that kind of optimization.
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