On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 13:44 +0000, Emerson Lombardi Machado wrote:

> I need to know which the percentage of the colors in image (density of
> colors...).
> i.e. I will print a photo and need to know (in CMYK) the percentages,
> (like 12% of C, 18% of M and etc...) to calculate my cost of
> impression. 

Well, those numbers depend on the separation process. To get an idea,
you could install the "separate" plug-in
(http://www.blackfiveservices.co.uk/separate.shtml), get a color profile
from the printer, separate to CMYK and analyze the results. Not quite
sure how you would do about the latter. Using the histogram might be an
option, but I am afraid that there's no direct way to get that number.
But I might just be missing something. Perhaps someone else has a good
idea how to calculate it?


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