On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 22:26 +0100, Magnus Hellström wrote:
> Hello, my problem is regarding wmf files in GIMP. 
> When running Gimp Version 2.1.13 on Windows XP
> * Some wmf files are rotated 180 degrees when loaded in GIMP
> * Some charaters are missing in images loaded by GIMP (swedish 
> characters in this case)

That would be a problem in libwmf then. You better make sure that the
libwmf developers get to know about it. It could also be a problem with
the WMF file format not specifying the string encoding (or specifying it
incorrectly). But again this is something that the libwmf developers can
probably answer much better. The GIMP plug-in is just a small wrapper
around this library, it doesn't really know anything about the file
format internals. Of course it might turn out that we need to do
something in the plug-in to fix this problem. If that is the case, I am
sure the libwmf developers will take care of filing a bug report in our
bug tracker.


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