On 11/24/06, Chris Mohler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 1) use text tool with text "My Company Name"
> > 2) copy visible to new layer, alpha to selection
> > 3) apply gradient to it
> > 4) render a variety of drop shadows
> > 5) add bevelling
> I've attached a test image.
> 1 - made a text layer, flattened it.
> 2 - made an inverse selection on a new layer, filled it with white.
> 3 - made a gradient layer below the new 'cheap mask' layer. - at this
> point it's just the gradient showing through the hole in the 'cheap
> mask' layer.
> 4 - made another new layer (empty) with a selection of the text - ran
> bevel on that, moved it above the gradient and put it's mode on
> multiply.
> 5 - made a drop shadow on a last empty layer, flattened it and move it
> to the top (also on multiply).
> The end result is that you can still edit the gradient.  One thing I
> noticed is that the highlights are lost on the bevel.  But maybe this
> will give you some ideas....  There are others who GIMP better - I'm
> still trying to figure it out myself..

Thanks Chris, this works for now...although I noticed you have the
inverse selection filled with white (called "cheap mask")....makes it
so the gradient doesn't pass through to the entire image (only the
text)....what is a real mask, anyway?

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