On 11/25/06, Teddy Widhi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Thank you for your help. last night i try download gimp for windows 2.3.12and 
2.10.6 for windows. but got error when i wanna start the GIMP. first step
i install GTK first, than GIMP. but during start the GIMP, its look like
error to start. i dont know why. somebody have solution about it?

THank you before.

You can download 2.3.12 installer which comes with GTK 2.10.6 installed. It
works well for me, only I had to add the installation-directory of GIMP to
my windows PATH to make extensions start properly. (Either directory of
GIMP, or the 'bin' directory therein, cannot remember and cannot check on
this PC).

Luck making it work,

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