a user has expressed his opinion in Bugzilla that the autoscroll feature
is more harmful than useful for paint tools:

  Auto scroll for drag and drop, for moving a floating selection etc
  ==  all win and good.  I just think it's a bad default action for
  freehand drawing tools, where bam, you get a line drawn all the way
  accross the screen.  I have to stop, undo the drawing I just did hope
  it wasn't a full minute of trying to paint the edge of something or
  sketching a difficult body part in a wierd pose I just finally got
  right.  Then pull my heart out of my throat if it's been an
  hour since my last save and the screen just scrolled 700 pixels down
  in half a second for no apparent reason.  

It would be trivial to turn autoscrolling off for paint tools. But I
wonder if other users find it useful. So, please let me know. Do you
think the image view should scroll when you touch the edge of the window
with a paint tool? Should this stay, should it be turned off in general
or can we improve the behaviour for example by using a longer delay
before autoscrolling starts?


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