On Wednesday 06 December 2006 11:42 pm, Tanveer Singh wrote:

> I found a lot of tutorials etc, for photoshop as well as some
> actions which allow you to stack images to get star trails.
> But nothing for gimp.
> Is there some script available?
> Or some other easy way wherein I can select multiple images,
> open them as layers and then blend.
> What blend mode I should use?
> Manually its going to be a pain with 100 or so images!

If you have the Gimp Animation Package installed you can use the 
Tweensteps feature in the Move Path dialog to create the effect 
you are after. Then create an "animation" file, which is just a 
single Gimp xcf with layers and merge the layers however you 
like. You can set the blending mode in the Move Path dialog once 
for all your layers so you don't have to go back and do it 
manually for each layer afterward.
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