For more than a year I have used Gimp with Turboprint to produce my
photographic prints without a border. Now, for some reason, I am no
longer able to do this. I recently set up a new box with Ubuntu 6.06.1
and since then all my attempts to produce a print without a border have
resulted in top and sides no border but a white border at the bottom. I
have carried out various tests to try to identify the cause of the
problem and the results point very strongly at Gimp. For example,
printing from a terminal via Turboprint only, resulted in a perfect

The current version of Gimp is 2.2.11 as is the version on my old box.
However, a noticeable change has taken place in the window in which the
print settings are made. For example, on the old box I could set my
paper at 5 x 7 borderless but now no borderless paper sizes are listed,
instead there is a button marked borderless. On the old box the image to
be printed fitted neatly into the paper outline in the preview panel. On
my new box, the same image overhangs the paper outline with the overhang
being most obvious at the bottom.

Is there anyone who can throw some light on what I can do to produce the
borderless prints I want? I still have my old box so I can carry out
comparative tests if any are suggested. Perhaps there is a way in which
I can find the version of Gimp that I used to use and load it to replace
the Gimp I have. If so, I would be grateful if I could be told what to

I apologise for this long post but I wanted to show that I have tried to
solve the problem before coming to the list.


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