On Tue, 2006-12-12 at 18:36 +0000, David Marrs wrote:

> I remember something being written about vector layers in gimp and found a
> reference to it at google.com (2). If there was a tool that enabled one to 
> draw
> vectors, they could be stroked, converted to a selection or converted to paths
> at the user's will.

And what's the benefit then over using the paths tool? Remember, the
goal here is to make it easier to create polygonal selections. You can
already do that by using the Polygon mode of the path tool and
converting the resulting path to a selection. Sure, you could also do it
using vector layers. But does that make it easy? I don't think so.

> Although it's not a quick fix to the problem, it does avoid the possible
> complication that comes with modifying the free select tool (for example,
> assigning shift to both add-to-selection and draw-straight-line modifiers) or
> adding yet another select tool that isn't quite free select and isn't quite
> bezier path.

I fail to see why the free select tool should be modifed at all. Is it
in any way related to the problem at hand? The problem of quickly
creating a polygonal selection?

Perhaps we haven't even figured out yet what the problem is? Would be
nice if the people who asked for the polygonal selection tool explained
what they would use that tool for. What are common usage scenarios for
such a tool? How does it fit into your workflow?


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