On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 00:08 -0800, Luca de Alfaro wrote:
> I am new to writing plugins - am I violating some convention by
> putting my plugin in Tools/Color Tools?  It seems the best category
> from the point of view of fit, but perhaps I should use
> Script-Fu/Color Tools/  instead?  I don't like the "enhance" category,
> as it seems to be very ill-defined (well, all we do is enhancing,
> isn't it? surely "curves" is also enhancing...). 

Filters->Colors seems most appropriate for GIMP 2.2. In 2.3 we have done
a larger reorganization of the menus and you would probably put it into
the toplevel Colors menu there.

At some point someone really needs to write a GIMP menu editor so that
users can put their favorite plug-ins where they like them best.


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