Hi, Fabrizio

I use mainly the next plug-ins on everyday basis:
1. UFRaw to import RAW files with my digital camera. I've created a 
profile with LProf for my G500 and enjoy natural pleasant colors.
2. fblur - focus blur plug-in to imitate blurriness in out-of-focus 
areas (boke).
3. refocus (do not mix with refocus-it) plugin to add natural sharpness 
to images (it uses other technique than sharpening).
4. GREYCstoration - for noise reduction.
5. my script to remove red eye.

As for tools, the main ones are:
        Clone and Heal,
        new Crop with fixed ratio, dimmed non-selected areas and possible 
thirds guidelines
        levels and curves (if the source is jpg, not RAW).

What I really miss for in-camera jpegs is advanced WB correction tool. I 
would like to see gray color picker in WB correction tool, not only in 
Levels tool. Also I would like the plug-in to be able to take some color 
from the picture as given color (select a pixel|group of pixels with 
eye-dropper and enter its desired "correct" color manually (RGB or HSV)) 
to recalculate the whole picture. The only difference with gray point 
selector is the sample is not gray, but has known color.

Fabrizio Lippolis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to ask photographers which plugins you use and you think 
> are most useful. Actually I use ufraw for RAW conversion and 
> manipulation and resynthesizer for photo retouching. Thank you.
> Regards,
> Fabrizio


With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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