On Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:43:47 +0000, David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I want to apply the same layer mask to a number of stock photos. In this case
> the mask is text but it could be anything. I want to get the best image for 
> the
> mask and this means not only trying different photos but also aligning those
> photos for best composition.

Although this is not implemented yet in the current GIMP, what you are
trying to do for your composition could be done easily once "masking
groups" or "clipping groups" are implemented.  This feature, which
exists in some other popular image manipulation program, allows you to
group several layers and apply a single mask to the whole group.

There is an old GIMP enhancement proposal about this feature:

With this feature, you could have all your stock photos as layers in
the same masking group and toggle their visibility or reposition them
individually while the same mask is always used.  I only use GIMP
myself but I have seen some designers using that feature in other
programs with great efficiency.  It is very useful when you are
working on a composition and you want to change some masked layers
without changing the mask itself.  Or vice-versa, when you want to
change the mask without having to change several layers using that

It is too late to add that feature to GIMP 2.4 and it is probably not
appropriate for 2.6 (unless the scope of 2.6 changes significantly)
but it would be nice if someone could work on this for GIMP 3.0.

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