The email subject says it all, though it's very long.

I am used to creating png images with transparent pixels/area that I can
safely (safe = even work with the worst browser that people call IE) use
on the web, the trick is to convert image with transparency to indexed
color with less then 256 colors, save the png image.

Now another challenge: I use very bright background color on the web for
most png-pixel-transparent images, these images look very bad if they
are put on dark background. And for one situation I am in now I have to
make these images display fine on viewers that do not support
transparency, e.g. xview.

My png image (with transparent pixels) display on xview with very dark
background color, close to black. First I thought it's because white
color is not in the color index, and I open gimp to add white color in
the index map (verified by adding a single white pixel stored and
displayed), and save as png image (when saving, gimp's background color
setting is also set to white), and I get a new png image that display
very dark red color on xview.

I think perhaps it's possible to set what transparent pixel color value
in GIMP? How should I set this value?

Thanks a lot in advance

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