Alexander Rabtchevich ha scritto:

> 4. GREYCstoration - for noise reduction.

Yesterday I have tried this one and dcam noise 2. Well, GREYCstoration 
seems rather slow to me, it takes really long time to complete and at 
the end I didn't see any improvement to the image (maybe the parameters 
where not set the right way). The second is much faster though in the 
first tries the result contained very blurred areas where the noise is 
particularly strong. Anyway playing with the parameters I could obtain 
still good details containing the noise and the result is very similar 
to what I obtained applying the gaussian blur.

Being slower I assume GREYCstoration performs much more complex 
calculation, do you think it offers a better algorithm than the other 
plugins around? On the other hand it looks it is not mantained very 
actively, or am I wrong?

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