Hello, Luka

        I wasn't able to find this mode, sorry :(. I set foreground color to 
the current color of some part of an image, the background color to the 
desired color, set the mode "from foreground color" but it did not help 
- the color to be changed appeared grey, not background color.
        I'll try to express the idea. We have some object of the scene of the 
known color. It is not grey, but it has known color. So I want to adjust 
the WB to match the actual color of the object with its known color 
(make them equal).
        The practical example follows. My father's room is lighted with halogen 
lamps, and the light is rather strong. So if I take photos in this room, 
the resulting light is a combination of flash and external light. And 
the ratio between these lights differs from shot to shot, so there are 
no permanent WB settings. And it's really impossible to add grey card to 
each shot :) at the party. But if the correct color can be once found of 
some cloths or wall these data may be used when processing further images.

Luca de Alfaro wrote:
> Alexander,
> yes, I was also very much missing methods for adjusting the white 
> balance of an image.
> I wonder if you know, but the grey-point plugin has a mode in which it 
> converts from a color A (foreground, which you can specify with the 
> eyedropper) to color B (background, which you can specify with the 
> eyedropper or with by choosing the color).  

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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