On Mon December 11 2006 12:08, Roman Joost wrote:
> Hi!
> After more than eight months of work, the documentation team is proud to
> announce a new release of the user manual for GIMP 2.2. This release
> features a lot of improvements, in particular:
>     * Spelling and grammar fixes for German, French, Italian, Czech and
>       Dutch
>     * New language: Korean, Norwegian and Russian
>     * Technical fixes: Support for the new table of contents view in the
>       help browser that ships with recent development versions of GIMP
>     * New content for German, Spanish, Russian, Czech and French
>     * Lots of bug fixes
> You can download gimp-help-2-0.11 from:
>     ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/help/
> The manual is written in DocBook/XML. Please help us to improve it and
> to fix grammar and spelling errors. Every contributor who wants to help
> us by providing DocBook/XML patches or just proof reads the manual is
> very welcome.
> You can find our new project page at:
>     http://docs.gimp.org
> Thanks to the contributions from Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Julien Hardelin,
> Sven Neumann, Manuel Quiñones, Marco Ciampa, Ulf-D. Ehlert, Michael
> Natterer, Pierre Perrier, Anne Schneider, Jakub Friedl, Alessandro
> Falappa, Axel Wernicke, Mr. Dust, Hans de Jonge, Kolbjørn Stuestøl, Jan
> Smith, Adolf Gerold, Thomas Güttler, Oleg Fritz, Raymon Van Wanrooij,
> Sally C. Barry, Vitaly Lomov, Stephen Brown, Roxana Chernogolova,
> Alexandre Prokoudine
> Happy GIMPing!
I just downloaded and installed the new GIMP manual on SUSE10.0 I did it using 
checkinstall (checkinstall -R --install=yes)  instead of make install. It 
built the rpm fine, installed the manual and YAST software management shows 
it installed. Only issue I ran into was clicking help in GIMP2.2 it can not 
find the Mozilla browser (Must be default in your installation program) I 
corrected it by changing my GIMP browser preference to firefox %s and it 
works, then changed to Konqueror (no%s) and it also works. Briefly looking at  
the manual it appears it will be helpful. 

Thanks for the good work.
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