Not as a script.  It does not depend on the script, but on how Gimp calls
the script.  Unfortunately, the script is called only when you press OK, and
not when you modify a control.
It's a pity, and I wonder if scripts could be called differently - at each
change of some control - in some future version of Gimp.


On 12/15/06, norman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Simple: download it, and put it into the ~/.gimp-2.2/scripts/
> directory.
> That's it.  Then start Gimp, and you will find it in
> Filters/Colors/Whitebalance or Filters/Colors/Convert Color
> Temperature.

Thank you, I found it in Filters/Colours/Convert Colour Temperature. It
certainly is effective.

Would it be possible to make it show the effect as sliders are moved
before having to click OK.



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