* David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [12-16-06 05:56]:
> The trouble with digest is that it doesn't let you thread email, so
> it's hard to follow a conversation (at least, I find it hard). You
> might find you get the best of both worlds by creating a filter for
> gimp-user and redirecting all mail for this list to its own folder.
> That way, your inbox remains uncluttered but conversations remain
> listed in a logical order.

simple to break a digest into individual emails if you desire.  Use
  formail -ds procmail < file.txt
  -s (split digest or xx), pipe a file back into system as if just rec'd
  -d Tell formail that the messages it is supposed to split need not be
     in strict mail-box format

formail is part of procmail.  
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