John R. Culleton wrote:
> ON another list someone was complaining about the expense nad bother of 
> upgrading to the latest Photoshop, including licenses etc. I suggested Gimp 
> as a no cost/no fuss alternative for students. I received a long reply, much 
> of which I am not technically competent to answer. I have never used 
> Photoshop. Anyone else care to take a crack at one or more issues raised?
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As much as I love The Gimp (I think its the most awesome piece of open 
source software around), if this is a school that is specifically 
preparing students for digital design practices in the real world they 
are going to need photoshop one way or another. After all it is still 
the industry standard.

My suggestion for this type of situation is this. Go with Photoshop 
licences, but not quite so many. If you were teaching my child I would 
want him or her to see all the main alternatives, not just the 
commercial one.

At least if they have a few Gimp'd machines they can do some real long 
term testing. Maybe they can get the students trained in bug fixing and 
feature programming. I hear GEGL needs some help? ;)


Andrew Swinn

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