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> John R. Culleton wrote:
> > ON another list someone was complaining about the expense nad bother of
> > upgrading to the latest Photoshop, including licenses etc. I suggested Gimp
> > as a no cost/no fuss alternative for students. I received a long reply, much
> > of which I am not technically competent to answer. I have never used
> > Photoshop. Anyone else care to take a crack at one or more issues raised?
> > -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> As much as I love The Gimp (I think its the most awesome piece of open
> source software around), if this is a school that is specifically
> preparing students for digital design practices in the real world they
> are going to need photoshop one way or another. After all it is still
> the industry standard.
> My suggestion for this type of situation is this. Go with Photoshop
> licences, but not quite so many. If you were teaching my child I would
> want him or her to see all the main alternatives, not just the
> commercial one.
> At least if they have a few Gimp'd machines they can do some real long
> term testing. Maybe they can get the students trained in bug fixing and
> feature programming. I hear GEGL needs some help? ;)

My own 2 cents: If you're teaching a class, use Gimp. They can always
adapt what they learn in Gimp to Photoshop if their company requires

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