John R. Culleton wrote:
> ON another list someone was complaining about the expense nad bother of 
> upgrading to the latest Photoshop, including licenses etc. I suggested Gimp 
> as a no cost/no fuss alternative for students. I received a long reply, much 
> of which I am not technically competent to answer. I have never used 
> Photoshop. Anyone else care to take a crack at one or more issues raised?

I never really saw PS as the world's premier example of ease-of-use, but 
regardless, this guy's done his homework and has come out in favour of PS for 
his students. Surely he knows best? It seems a sensible enough choice to me, 
given its position as the industry standard.

Since he's using Macs, he should probably put Seashore(1) on his watch list. 
It's a native fork of the Gimp, so it should help sooth his interface pains. I 
have no idea what the feature list is like though, or what their roadmap is. He 
may find it useful to look at in the future (as well as Gimp) if he's in this 
predicament again.

Anyway, Digg, Slashdot et al should provide you with enough comparisons to make 
you wish you'd never started this thread. :p


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