On Friday 15 December 2006 00:25, User1001 wrote:
> Select the desired startup/initial tool, then save your Preferences, which
> also saves the currently selected tool - which then gets selected the next
> time Gimp2 is started:
> 0) Select desired tool to start up with
> 1) File/Preferences/Input Devices
> 2) Save Input Device Settings Now
> 3) OK
Thanks for the useful routine, whch was more helpful than simply answering:

> >> Yes +1

Now we need to convince the Powers That Be to make that the default out of the 
box. Also, the PostScript output routine defaults to vertical and horizontal 
offsets of 20 pixels each. These settings have no utility that I can see. I 
know how to patch this and recompile but it would save time if I didn't have 
to do this for each successive release. 
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