Le mercredi 13 décembre 2006 12:MM, Fabrizio Lippolis a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I would like to ask photographers which plugins you use and you think
> are most useful. Actually I use ufraw for RAW conversion and
> manipulation and resynthesizer for photo retouching. Thank you.
UFRaw is a very good RAW converter, and it exists for Window$ too, which is a 
good alternative to the very expensive Nikon Camera Raw or Fuji HyperUtility. 
You can also use KIM, which is an integrated UI to ImageMagick, but available 
from Konqueror (Richt click>Actions>evey action available from ImageMagick). 
Image Magick is a command-line image manipulation program. I use it to resize 
and save photos, add a copyright, simply with a script. KIM allows you to do 
it with your mouse : you can rotate, resize, convert, save a compressed jpeg, 
PTLens is a very cheap - but excellent - plug-in or standalone program to 
correct deformations and chromatic aberrations on a photo. The database 
includes a lot of cameras and lenses. For 15 $, you can download every next 
release. I use it as a batch program to perform the corrections in a folder. 
Works under Window$.

Have fun !

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