On Dec 17, 2006, at 8:36 PM, norman wrote:

> Sorry, but I must disagree. If I look into a mirror my right side is
> still on the right. If I could flip, then my right side would be on  
> the
> left.

Uh, no. Think of that person in the mirror as someone else for a bit  
and forget the mirror is even there. If you were raising your right  
hand, then that person would be raising his left hand. Maybe it'd be  
even clearer if you stood across from someone and both raised your  
right hands. You'd find the other person's hand would be on your left  
side. Mirrors flip left and right. Always have, always will.  Any  
text held up to a mirror would come out the same was as were it  
flipped. Take a flipped image, hold it up to a mirror and you can see  
what the image was like before the flipping.
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