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"Bring out The Gimp...."

How many people do you really think have seen that movie? For example,
English is my native language, and I've never heard this movie reference
until it was brought up repeatedly on this mailing list -- this is the third
thread I have encountered so far in which one or two people say 'this is
icky and bad' and most of the others either express that they don't care or
that they've never heard of such a way of using the word gimp; I still have
never seen or heard a reference in real life to Pulp Fiction or 'gimp'.

I think that a name change *could* attract some sorely needed developers,
and users, too. If a movie reference is the reason you would like it
changed.. I think your perception is lacking. In my case, I just find 'gimp'
to be bland -- it's no fun to pronounce, it doesn't bring an image
immediately to mind, it's non-obvious what it does, and it is not engaging
(sillily or otherwise); on all these metrics I-Mage is superior.)
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