I, for one, don't believe that open source projects should necessarily
avoid slang words.  "Gimp" is a relatively obscure slang word.  Let me
define this: most English speakers speak English as a second language,
and i bet 99% of them are not familiar with the unofficial uses of the
word "Gimp".  From the responses to similar threads in the past, not
even a majority of US speakers knows the meaning of "Gimp" (of course,
this may not be necessarily true locally in all communities).
Moreover, these slang uses come and go.  Yes, they may offend a small
percent of US users, but that's far from the majority.  There are too
many such slang words that come and go to worry about them.

Once at a database conference, there were some Japanese giving a proud
talk on the performance of their HECK algorithm (don't recall what it
was).  Funny - but notice, the paper WAS accepted.  I bet they didn't
study at school what HECK meant.

This is the problem for US and UK people: their language is being
increasingly defined by people who speak it as a second language.


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> Anthony Ettinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > How do you sell that to a corporation?  How do you market that?  The
> > > > people in business suits are going to chose a program named Photoshop
> > > > over Gimp 11 times out of 10.
> >
> > ...and MS makes a good browser.
>      Friend of mine was over on the weekend - I was doing some jpg work..and 
> he
> asked what software I was using - when I told him it's called the Gimp, he 
> fell
> over laughing. His comment "what is it about Linux geeks that they pick these
> weird names" - even when I explained its origin it didn't help - He added 
> "Ask a
> car maker (like Ford) whether model names (like Edsel) are important".
> And this stuff like "GNU is not  Unix" drives me crazy.
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