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> 4. An application should always be named with the target audience being 
> considered if you're looking for product exposure. In the case of The 
> Gimp, the target audience is not programmers and software developers. 
> When the intended audience sees the name they need it to relate to 
> "graphics" in their thoughts. The word Gimp does not even come close. It 
> gives us mere mortals absolutely no indication of what it actually is or 
> does, even though it has tremendous artistic and image manipulation 
> capabilities.

This may have been said before, if so, I am sorry. I presume that
readers of this list come from many parts of the world yet most of the
critics of the name Gimp refer to English meanings. The question is,
must a product describe its purpose by its name? Very often it is
considered bad practice for a name to do this. The name may infer the
purpose without actually being descriptive. If a truly neutral name can
be found then that is the one to use. Great care needs to be used in
choosing names for products with a world wide potential. Remember the
famous example of Rolls Royce, who named their new car Silver Mist. The
name was quickly withdrawn. Ask a German and learn why.

Now, who can tell me what Gimp means in French or German or Italian or
Russian or Chinese to mention but a few? Similarly, what is Photoshop in
those languages so that the name shows its purpose? If there are no
satisfactory answers to these 2 simple questions then I suggest this
thread should stop as it is meaningless.


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