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> Brendan wrote:
> > On Monday 18 December 2006 19:52, lists wrote:
> >> Carter castor wrote:
> >>> This goes right to the heart of my biggest complaint about GIMP
> >>> though: its name.  I don't understand why the developers would put so
> >>> much time and hard work into creating a program as professional as
> >>> GIMP and then name it after a slang word for a disabled person.  How
> >>> do you sell that to a corporation?  How do you market that?  The
> >>> people in business suits are going to chose a program named Photoshop
> >>> over Gimp 11 times out of 10.
> >>
> >> Oh my God, let's not start this again.  It's an acronym, get over it.
> >
> > Oh wait, Geoffrey says "Get over it". Everybody with an opinion or actual
> > relevent facts, forget it. Geoffrey said so.
> If you'll check the bloody archives, you'll see this same subject has
> been discussed ad nauseam more then once.  So, before you post, research
> the archives before wasting a bunch of bandwidth on a horse that's been
> beat to death.  Jerk.

Whether you like it or not, I suspect that the subject will keep coming up 
because the name offends the sensibilities of a lot of potential users. 

Now I know that the name is an acronym, and I don't believe those who chose 
the name did so with any intent to offend, or even to be humourous. I suspect 
they didn't think all that much about the name at all. For many handicapped 
people, however calling one of them a "GIMP" is as offensive as calling a gay 
person a "faggot".

Most of us who are now on the list will have seen the discussion wax and wane, 
but in a month or two, someone else will come to the list and make the same 
observation, and predictably someone will have the intolerance to tell them 
to get over it, and that we've had the discussion. 

I really do think we need to find a better, less offensive name for GIMP, and 
the sooner the better, so that we can put energy into supporting it, and 
doing whatever we can to extend it's use instead of periodically having this 
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