Eric P wrote:
> I'm lazy, and I don't feel like reading this entire thread (it seems to show 
> up on a regular basis on the list).
> Were any new, constructive insights brought up?  Anyone care to summarize 
> this thread on this exhausting topic?

Summary to date: Noobs keep joining the list and want the name changed
to match their sensibilities.  They threaten to continue to add to the
noise part of the signal to noise ratio until they get their way (see
"kill file").  I suggest a new list dedicated to their traffic;
gimp-name-haters@, thereby relieving the rest of the users and devo's
from actually having to slog through their repeated attempts at "reasoning".

At least at the current levels, it's easy to know when a thread starts
heading in that direction, and tell t'bird to bit bucket the messages.


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