On Thursday 21 December 2006 23:51, Robert Smits wrote:
> > > Oh wait, Geoffrey says "Get over it". Everybody with an opinion or
> > > actual relevent facts, forget it. Geoffrey said so.
> >
> > If you'll check the bloody archives, you'll see this same subject has
> > been discussed ad nauseam more then once.  So, before you post, research
> > the archives before wasting a bunch of bandwidth on a horse that's been
> > beat to death.  Jerk.
> Whether you like it or not, I suspect that the subject will keep coming up
> because the name offends the sensibilities of a lot of potential users.
> Now I know that the name is an acronym, and I don't believe those who chose
> the name did so with any intent to offend, or even to be humourous. I
> suspect they didn't think all that much about the name at all. For many
> handicapped people, however calling one of them a "GIMP" is as offensive as
> calling a gay person a "faggot".
> Most of us who are now on the list will have seen the discussion wax and
> wane, but in a month or two, someone else will come to the list and make
> the same observation, and predictably someone will have the intolerance to
> tell them to get over it, and that we've had the discussion.
> I really do think we need to find a better, less offensive name for GIMP,
> and the sooner the better, so that we can put energy into supporting it,
> and doing whatever we can to extend it's use instead of periodically having
> this disagreement.

Yes *points at best post in thread*
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