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As earlier threads have already pointed out, most non-American English
speakers don't know this use of the word; and in a comprehensive
dictionary like the Oxford English dictionary, it's noted as a
specifically North American usage.

FWIW most speakers of English live on the Indian sub-continent!


The fact isn't that the speakers of English live on another continent, the issue is that the educational level of people isn't what it once was. Debating the word Gimp sort of is like debating a word like faggot, gay, or the pronunciation of the word forte (which should sound like the word fort). What they mean now isn't what they use to mean, what people have to understand is that the English language changes, and those changes aren't always for the better... Words change in some cases due to the lack of education, or lack of people correcting others when they hear a misuse of a word. It be nice if people actually used the word correctly, but then if we corrected everyone every time we heard a misused word, we would have less people in the open spotlight because we would find out that the majority of people truly are stupid.

Lets get over the egos and just get back to talking about the functionality of the software, and not the complexities of the word of the software itself ok?

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