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Hi, Saw this on Digg last night:

Anyone know how to do a gradient selection in GIMP? I've seen various
mentions of it, but I cant find it in the docs:

I just scanned the PS tutorial - but not too much different in GIMP. Here
are the keys to get you going (I hope):

Select-All of the image (CTRL-A)
Click on the Quick-Mask box in the lower left corner of the image (or Ctrl-Q
You will now have a mask layer -  it will be the ACTIVE layer (your main
image is no longer active). You can go to the "Channel" dialog to confirm.
Now just as in the tutorial you want to fill the mask with a gradient - use
the gradient fill tool also known as "Blend" tool. (Tools->Paint
Tools->Blend in gimp 2.3, can't get to the current version of gimp at the
moment - sorry). If you use the default gradient of black to white you
should be able to get a gradient similar to the tutorial.

Hope this helps - if not let us know and I'll add more details.

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