On Fri, 2006-22-12 at 21:11 -0800, > I really do think we need to find a
better, less offensive name for GIMP,
> > and the sooner the better, so that we can put energy into supporting it,
> > and doing whatever we can to extend it's use instead of periodically having
> > this disagreement.
> Yes *points at best post in thread*

OK, look here is the real fact, bar none. Only the person who utters a
phrase, let me say that again "THE PERSON WHO UTTERS A PHRASE" in a
derogatory manor is the real issue here.  Words mean nothing until hey
are said in a derogatory manor.

GIMP means nothing to anyone until the person saying it gives it
meaning.  We mean it to be a graphics program.  If you went to a
handicapped person and showed them the GIMP and explained what it was
they would think nothing of it, unless they were used to using the word
in a derogatory manor themselves, shouting it out at other people.
These people are not worth changing the name for to put it bluntly.


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