On Wednesday 03 January 2007 12:39 pm, Alf Strandgard wrote:

>  Hello:
> I am a novice with GIMP.  At work I am doing a variety of
> small office tasks, including creating pictures and creating
> labels on the screen.
> When I create text and place it on the screen
> (transparency).....no problem.  Once I come back to the same
> screen and want to move the text.........or edit the
> text..........I have trouble.  I can't easily locate (click
> on) the original text I entered.  I think it has to do with
> layers.
> I have read the users manual.....no help.
> Does anyone have an easy fix or advice on layers and text for

When you want to move a text layer you either must place the 
cursor directly over the text, or select the Move the current 
layer radio button in the move tool's options dialog.
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