Personally, I have a plugin which finds the FG and BG colors in the current
palette, and builds a 'stepped' gradient going from FG->BG or vice versa. If
you will be wanting to use stepped gradients a lot, I recommend it.

You can make a stepped gradient manually like this:

*Duplicate the FG->BG gradient
*Split it into however many parts you want
*Select all segments and set them to RGB blending mode
*For each segment, 'Left Color->Load left color from right endpoint'

There is one other approach, which works if the gradient is drawn on a
separate layer or its pixels are otherwise isolated..

* Draw the gradient (it must be black->white rather than your intended
* either:
   * Make/select a palette with as many colors as you want in the gradient,
then use the 'colors->map->palette map' filter (in 2.3.x+)
   * Posterize the greyscales to match the number of steps, then gradient
map it with the gradient you want to use (gradient map uses the currently
selected gradient, there is not prompting)

On 1/4/07, Shawn Willden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 14:24, Tonio wrote:
> Is it possible to make the gradient colors go in
> steps, i.e. so it won't be smooth, but kind of bands
> of colors, (from start color to end color with jumps
> in between).

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