On Friday 05 January 2007 12:28 pm, Boho Fashion Jewellery wrote:

> Hi
> I'm a complete newbie when it comes to using Gimp, having been
> used to Photoshop. The one key feature I always used on
> Photoshop was the ability to resize images to the exact
> dimension required and overide the automatic resized
> dimensions, however I can't find a way of overiding the image
> size in Gimp - is this possible?

It sounds like you want to resize your images without using 
proportional scaling. Is that correct? If it is, go to the image 
window's Image/Scale Image... dialog and click the chain link to 
the right of the width and height spin boxes. It should now be a 
broken chain, and will allow you to resize the image without 
proportional scaling.
73, AC7ZZ
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